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Cake Flavours

As one of the leading cake delivery service provider, we have an array of cakes based on different themes and flavors. We know people have their own preferences and choices. To cater all their wishes, we offer cakes or different flavors and themes. We have fruit cakes, an array of chocolate cakes, cream cakes, and much more.

Plain Vanilla

The cake is prepared with vanilla extracts, sweeteners, and fresh cream. This is a sweet and delicious cake that suits best for birthday parties, weddings, and anniversaries. The cake is available in different sizes including half liter, one liter, and any other size that you prefer.


The cake is made up of vanilla extracts, cream, dark chocolate, and sweeteners, and some other ingredients. These cakes are available in different types. Some of the popular varieties chocolate cakes are traditional, layered, red velvet, chocolate/vanilla, and black forest.

Banana Cream

This is a delicious cake for banana lovers. The cake is mainly made up of meshed banana and fresh cream. Sweeteners and allowed flavors are also added to make this cake more delicious. The cake also offers high nutrition due to the high percentage of banana.

Pineapple Cake

This is one of the most delicious fruit cakes available in the market. The cake is made up of shopped pieces of pineapple. These pineapple pieces are covered with fresh cream. Some thin slices are of pineapple are used at the top of the cake for decoration.

Mixed Fruit Cake

This cake is made up of various juicy and tasty fruits. The fruits are chopped into small pieces and covered with soft and fresh cream. Vanilla extracts and sweeteners are added to make the cake more delicious and tasty. The cake is best suited for birthday and kids gatherings.

These are the most selling cake flavors. Apart from these, we offer cakes of various other tastes and flavors to choose from.