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Online Chocolate Cake Delivery

Chocolate cakes are the most preferred types of cakes all around the world. Chocolate cake lovers are available across the world. The category of chocolate cakes is itself very wide. There is an array of chocolate cakes available to choose from. Some of the most popular chocolate cakes that we deliver are listed below.

Whipped Cream Covered Chocolate Cake

This is a rich chocolate cake whipped with soft cream. It is an extremely delicious and sweet cake that can be served in several occasions like birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, New Year, and Christmas. The cake is available in different size including half liter, one liter, and two liter. We also offer customize size of cakes on demand.

Round Chocolate Cake

This is a round shaped chocolate cake. The cake is delicious and sweet as well as it appears beautiful. It is made up of dark chocolate, cream, sweeteners, and eatable flavors. It is decorated with chocolate chip and fresh cream. You can order this cake a suitable size including half liter, one liter, and two liter.

Eggless Chocolate Cake

We know that many people prefer eggless cakes. For those people, we have eggless chocolate cakes. These cakes are made up of dark chocolate, fresh cream, sweeteners, and eatable flavors. The eggless chocolate cake generally has layers of chocolate and cream at the top. This is a delicious and sweet cake best for birthdays, marriage anniversaries, weddings, and corporate parties.

Layered Chocolate Cake

A layered cake mainly made up of dark chocolate and milk frosting. Chocolate chips are used at the top of the cake for decorating it. The cake contains different layers of chocolate. In addition, chocolate is used for cake, frosting, and decoration as well. Apart from chocolate and frosting milk, some other ingredients used in this cake are all-purpose flour, sweeteners, cocoa powder, baking powder, vanilla extracts, and unsalted butter.