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Order Online Cake In Delhi to Express Your Love in a Unique Way

Delhi is the union territory and national capital of India. Delhi is considered as the city of heart. And the food of Delhi is most famous. Delhi is also famous for busy working people. In the city people have no time of their self but still they celebrate all the festivals and occasion with open heart. There is something different in the air of Delhi which makes it more special. We have come with some old flavors of Delhi by little bit twisting it and mixing it with some new flavors to present an interesting and tempting cake in front of you. Cakengift.in usher online cake delivery in Delhi with lots of luscious flavors of the cake.

Any festival and occasion is now not completed without cake cutting so we here to complete your celebration, CakeNgift.in brings online cake delivery in Delhi.

Whether you are close or far from your family and friends just order online cake in Delhi and get it deliver on your doorstep and give a high thunderbolt of happiness to them. If your are out of town at Valentine’s Day surely your lover feels sad but from now give them a surprise by ordering cake and gift online in Delhi by cakengift.in right on their door, and make your love more and more and add happiness to their life by adding these little high spirits to their life. Gift your wife a lovely gift along with online cake in Delhi to make your Anniversary more lovable. Bless your young brother or sister for their achievements or on their birthday by online cake delivery in Delhi, it can encourage them more.

Order Cake Online in Delhi to Tempting gesture of love by cakengift.in.

When you cannot reach out for the person who matters for you a lot and specialy on their day, birthday, anniversary, valentine day, New Year, or any other occasion surely they got upset with you but now don’t give them this opportunity and make them happy and make them feel special by ordering online gift in Delhi for them and online cake delivery in Delhi for them, where you are in other part the country or in any other country.

Midnight Cake Delivery in Delhi by cakengift.in, for spellbind your occasion Order Online Cake in Delhi.

Cake is one of our favorite desserts. Whether it is a birthday, anniversary, marriage, or any other happy moment, we love to celebrate them with sweet and delicious cakes. We offers all type of occasion cake like birthday cake, Anniversary cake, New Year cake, christmas cake, ect. Our online cake in Delhi come in different flavors and variety, like Chocolate cake, pineapple cake, strawberry cake, cream cake and much more. Everyone has his own choice of flavor and type.

Top Selling Cakes in Delhi

Some of the most demanded Online Cake Delivery in Delhi is listed below.

Cream Cake

This type of cake includes three or more sponge layers colored with different colors and thin layer of cream. Generally, this type of cake is colored with white, yellow, and pink colors. This type of cake is sold and served in thin bars or small slices. This cake is very popular among children and teenagers in Delhi and can be a best birthday cake for your lovely child.

Fruit Cake

This type of cake is composed of a variety of fruit cake, sponge cake, cream, and fondant. Fruits are generally covered with cream. It is generally made up of chopped fruits pieces covered with creams. These types of cakes also contain dried fruit, nuts, and spices. Generally fruit cakes are served in birthdays, weddings and Christmas celebrations but it can be a valentine's day cake if your girl friend is on deit. Don’t miss the occasion connect with us and order online cake near Delhi.

Halloween Cake

As its name suggests, this type of cake is prepared with Halloween themed symbols. Generally, traditional black and orange Halloween, colors are used to create this type of cake. Halloween cakes are decorated in different manners and themes. This cake is most popular desserts in Halloween celebration around the world. This cake is also extremely popular in Delhi. We serve more than thousands Halloween cake orders ever year on Halloween day in Delhi itself.

Bread Cake

Make your morning breakfast delicious and order cake in Delhi. This type of cake is firm in nature with light texture. This type of cake is flavored with lemon, and generally taken with tea or in breakfast. It is simple yellow cake made-up of fresh eggs, sugar and butter, different types of flour, fresh lemon, and carbonate soda. It is baked around an hour on moderate temperature. This is a general purpose cake can be taken as a light breakfast.

Moon Cake

This type of cake is served to friends or family members in a festival celebration. Generally, this type of cake is round in shape, having about 10-12 cm diameter with 4-5 cm thickness. The energy contains in a typical moon cake is around one thousand calories. A typical moon cake includes a thin pastry skin covered by sweet and dense filling. It may also contain one or two whole eggs inside as the symbol of full moon. In some cases, moon cake is also served as fried or steamed.

These are some popular online cake in Delhi. Apart from these, we also deliver a wide verity of sweet and delicious cakes in each and every corner of the city. We can proudly say that in this small amount of time, we become the first choice of people for cake delivery option whether it is a birthday, marriage, anniversary, or something more to celebrate.

Online Cake in Delhi

Due to the extreme popularity of sweet and delicious cakes, there are a number of bakeries and cakes providers are operating in national capital, Delhi. However, if you are confused about choosing a right bakery, you are at the exact place. We deliver all kinds of cakes in each and every locality of Delhi. Whether you live at the heart of the city or at outskirts, we will bring fresh and delicious cakes for you within stipulated time. You can book a cake order online through our website. While booking your online cake in Delhi, you need to specify your complete address including locality and pin code; therefore we can reach you easily. You can book cake order for current date as well as also book an order in advance even a month before. We have an automated order placing and delivery system through which we deliver all the orders on the given date and time.

Cake Delivery through Phone Calls

Apart from online, you can also book an order by a phone call. In case, if you want to book an order through phone call, please give us a call on the contact number given at our website. We will place your order through phone call. Booking through phone call allows you booking for immediate order (current date) or for any future date.