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City Specials

We also deliver city special cakes to our customers’ doorstep. We have a different set of collections in each city where we operate. We offer you sweet and delicious cakes in different flavors and themes. We have egg based, egg less, cream cakes, fruit cakes, mix fruit cakes, types of chocolate cakes, butter peanut cakes. In addition, we also offer specially ordered cakes as per our customers’preferences. We deliver special purpose birthday, anniversary, Christmas, new year, wedding, new born baby, and any other type of cake that you want.

To delivery best quality products within minimum possible time, we have agreement with leading bakeries and cakes shops in various cities across the country. With their help, we bring you the best cakes and cookies available in the market at the best rates.

We offer our services round the clock. Therefore, whether you want to order a cake in late night or early morning, we are always here to attend you and bring the best quality cakes to your doorstep.

You can place an order by writing an email or just calling us on the given number. We deliver on cakes on same day when required. In addition, you can also book your order even months before. We have automated notification system that helps us to delivery each and every order on the given date, time, and place.

In each city where we operate, we have tracked customers' order summary to understand their choices and preferences in a better way. With this analysis we have an idea about the most demanded cakes in each city. This information is also helpful in maintaining the delivery of orders.It helps us about the expected number of orders for each type of cake on special occasions such as Christmas, New Year, and in wedding seasons.